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When an American company tries to create real Japanese porn they always miss the mark by applying American plot lines and situations to the movies. Of course all porn produced in Japan has it’s own problems as well. The Japanese don’t allow showing pussy, cocks or anything hardcore without blurring that part of the screen.

One problem you might have encountered while looking for true Japanese porn without the blurry cover ups is that most sites lie a bit about what is inside. A site produced in Japan might say things like 100% nude and they wouldn’t be lying. It is just that they aren’t going to tell you that the nude girls sexual parts are obscured. By using the good porn reviews on PornTips.com you will know exactly what is waiting for you in the members area.

Find a good mix of Asian porn reviews with sites like Osaka School Girls. There are more sites in other Asian-sub niches and hundreds in dozens more main categories. Click the Porn Discount tab on the top menu and you will find page after page of porn discounts of up to 33%!

Porn Tips is keeping it real and keeping you flush with money.

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Why are the Japanese so obsessed with torturing Japanese girls while having sex? Why am I so obsessed with watching them torture these girls?

Ever since my time in Korea I have had a thing for Asian babes. I spent a lot of my vacation time in different countries sampling their girls. For some reason I kept going back to Tokyo for more. Japanese girls are bred to be submissive in bed. The perfect targets for some sexual torture!

When I got back to the states I ended up marrying a Korean girl that caught my eye. She isn’t as submissive as I’d like her to be, but then she makes more than I do as a doctor. How many doctors do you know that are super submissive, and would you want them working on you?

She lets me tie her up and work her over by stuffing a vibrator up her pussy and holding it in with her panties. When we go out she wears some remote control vibrating panties so I can torture her at in opportune times.

Once we went out with some of her colleagues and I turned her panties on while she was talking to her friend’s wife. She eventually had to excuse herself to the bathroom so she could orgasm.

Asian porn is synonymous with the term "hot sex". They know how to bring the women to orgasm in ways most people could never dream up. Watch the video and you will understand where I am coming from.

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Whenever I see a cute Japanese girl I always wonder what she looks like when she is bating at night before she goes to bed. What is her technique to reach orgasm? Does she play with her nipples or strictly go for her pussy? Does she use toys? Household objects?

I found this webcam movie of a young Japanese girl masturbating before going to bed. Has she felt a hard cock inside her tight Asian pussy or is she going to use a candle to see what one feels like?

You can watch thousands of free webcam movies on FapLot.com. The site is updated regularly. Videos range in quality and length, but most are plenty good in both regards. Many are over 20 to 30 minutes long!

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This has to be one of the hottest Asian models doing web cam shows. Her name is Blanchier and she is very high class without being high maintenance. In fact, she is very low maintenance since you can start chatting with her free right now.


Just follow this link to free sexy webcams from www.GuiltyChat.com.

It is actually quite funny that they named it Guilty Chat since it isn’t going to make you feel guilty at all. Unless of course you feel that way when you get something for free!

Get immediate access to large photo galleries and pre-recorded chat movies of the models with your free account!

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The Japanese have some crazy ideas about porn. It isn’t enough to watch two Asian girls playing doctor in this porn video above. One of the girls has to be very submissive and pretend she isn’t liking what the other girl is doing to her. Thinking about it though… It does offer an over the top element to the video!

View hundreds of Asian sex videos on the best Asian XXX Tube. They don’t bombard you with credit card charges because you can watch the videos without having to use one at all. In fact, you don’t even need to have an account. Just load the page and start watching Asian XXX videos to your hearts content.

If you get tired of having Asian videos you can jump niches as well. Sort the videos by the top rated to cut right to the good stuff or search for your favorite porn stars. No matter which road to choose to find your favorite videos I can say beyond the shadow of a doubt that you will find it less frustrating and easier than any other method for getting free porn you have used before!

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Like most people afflicted with the yellow fever I need my Asian porn. That is why it is great to be able to watch free porn movies online. Not having to give somebody my credit card and still be able to stream Asian sex videos makes Bedroom Media a place worthy of bookmarking.

Young Asian babes like this little Asian fuck box Sharon Lee have totally free videos you can watch. Get the whole video and keep your cash in your pocket. How can they afford to do this? I don’t know and I don’t care. I just hope it never goes away.

Some might ask what the allure is with Asian girls, but I feel as though you can figure it out all on your own just by looking at the photo above. I mean, this girl is so small you can fold her up and put her into any position you want her in. When you are done, fold her up the rest of the way and put her in your back pocket until you need her tiny twat again!

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Holy moly! I just finished a live sex chat just on perfectcam.com and came away wondering about this girl. Hey – I am wondering about this girl in a good way. At least I think it is in a good way.

Once I saw her white bra with the ornate flower I knew this girl grew up in a strict family. I love these kinds of girls. My own upbringing was in a church family and the girls in church could get pretty dirty when you got them alone. This young Asian girl totally reminded me of that.

Enter her private chat and you will see, and hear, what I am talking about. With Perfectcam.com you get high quality video and audio. Girls like this one make good use of that audio. She talks so dirty she almost doesn’t even have to get naked. But this is web cam chat, not phone sex so you get the best of both worlds!

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Live Sex Chat - Blanchier's Profile

Last night I was getting hornier than shit with a bad case of Yellow Fever. Usually I find a nice young Japanese girl to get tangled up with, but I came across Blanchier’s live cam show and I was smitten!

For those of you that aren’t up to speed on Asian nationalities I will fill you in. Blanchier is from the Philippines. There are over 7,000 islands in the archipelago with over 92 million people. With that many people there are bound to be some truly hot exotic women there and Blanchier is one of them.

When I got to the XXX Camz Club there were over 100 Asian web cam models online and ready to chat. There are over 1,500 Asian models in the system. They range in age from barely legal 18’s to mature women in the 50’s and 60’s. The crazy thing is they age so fucking well you would think they are all 18 to 30 tops!

The next time your fever is burning I suggest you let Blanchier douse it with her pussy juice.

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Not to be too white about this, but I think I remember this girl from high school. You know the cliché, all Asians look alike. Seriously though, this chick totally reminds me of a girl I once knew.

My old high school crush was my first experience with yellow fever. It took me a while to pin down why I found her so irresistible, but then it hit me like a ton of bricks. I was beginning to realize that while she appeared all sweet and innocent on the outside, on the inside she was a caged tiger yearning to bust out of her candy shell.

And this is why I think I know this girl. Imagine my surprise finding her working as one of the adult cam sex girls! What are the chances? Of course I do realize there is also a big chance she isn’t the girl I am thinking about and I am just a typical white boy.

There is only one way to find out if adultcamchat.me SweetEana19 is indeed the girl from my past and that is ask her face to face on her cam! She has 83 pictures in her profile and I poured over all of them. She even has a recorded cam show you can watch. I have to know the truth. Wish me luck.

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I joined a JAV site once before I tried Sex Asian 18 and it left me completely unsatisfied. Why? Because it throttled my ability to download and only let me see a portion of the members area with more added each month I stayed a member. Needless to say I didn’t get to see the rest of the members area because I didn’t want a dog and pony show. I wanted hot Japanese idols!

Sex Asian 18 is unmetered. You can download all of the 6,000 DVD quality videos right from the get go. You can even watch them on your iDevices like the iPhone, iPad and video iPod.

Members get to tag their favorites so you can come back to where you left off without any hassle. They have every model out there including young Japanese girls like Miho Inamura.

No matter what your favorite niche is they have hundreds of videos to fill it. My favorites are Japanese schoolgirls and Cosplay, but there are dozens of other ones that might be more your cup of tea.

Take the Sex Asian 18 tour and start downloading!

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I just posted about a busty Japanese girl and here I am doing it again a day later. What is wrong with me? Why do I do this to myself? Is it because my mommy did hold me enough or my daddy beat me? No… Is it because I am a seriously demented fuck? Maybe… Is it because once you get the yellow fever you are hooked?


My only problem today is that I am on my cell phone. I don’t have my laptop and fuck me if these videos aren’t playing for me!

Don’t cry for me though. I found a Japanese mobile porn site with tons of free videos of the hottest Japanese video idols. Now I can watch some porn while I ride a wall seat on the train!

Do you need a fix too? Try this out. It will have you infected by the yellow fever in no time!

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If drinking the booby juice of a young Japanese girl could turn you Japanese sign me up!

Sex Asian 18 has a DVD quality collection of videos topping out at 6000+ strong. If you are not completely sure you have a fever for the flavor of an Asian I am sure you will be certain by the time you watch video #2383.

Rina Aizawa is just one of over 2000 hot AV Idols. I would love to say that her beauty is unmatched. Unfortunately I cannot as I am only about half way through all of the models. Hey, it’s only been two months and, yeah, I’ve been sidelined a little. Wouldn’t you be?

Of course you would and you should take me up on the challenge!

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I could stair at those sunny side up boobs for hours. Or until I am smothered by her yellow panty covered mound of pussy flesh. Or, until I pound her boney little ass from the back and make her crawl the wall.

Believe it or not all of this can be a possibility. This little cutie is ready for an Asian hookup. Date young hotties with a variety of reasons for wanting an older man. Some have daddy issues. Some of them have needs that only a sugar daddy can help them meet. There is only one way to find out if you are compatible and that is to hookup!

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Just sit and take in Haruka Itoh in all of her beauty. I’ll wait.

OK, you want real Japanese porn sites and you want to find stuff you haven’t already seen before. That is understandable. So many sites out there look exactly the same. Click on Haruka’s picture and you will find over 80 sites to choose from. Isn’t it about time you started turning Japanese?

What makes a Japanese site a good Japanese porn site? It has to have great Japanese porn videos! Watch full videos at PornTubix.com. They do all of the heavy lifting so you just have to lift your penis and move the mouse.

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For the fans of sexy naughty Asian chicks with huge natural boobies check out one of the hottest free porn videos we’ve added to our collection lately. Make sure you’re alone in the room when you press the play button of this clip. You’re going to jerk off like mad as you’ll get madly turned on while watching that lovely busty Asian brunette taking off her clothes, stroking her massive boobies, finger and toy her sweet tight hairy pussy hole! Don’t forget to hit CTRL+D to bookmark us and return here whenever you feel you want more stuff like this to watch.

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