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Posted By admin on 10/31/12 - Bookmark Young Japanese Girls and Idols

Not to be too white about this, but I think I remember this girl from high school. You know the cliché, all Asians look alike. Seriously though, this chick totally reminds me of a girl I once knew.

My old high school crush was my first experience with yellow fever. It took me a while to pin down why I found her so irresistible, but then it hit me like a ton of bricks. I was beginning to realize that while she appeared all sweet and innocent on the outside, on the inside she was a caged tiger yearning to bust out of her candy shell.

And this is why I think I know this girl. Imagine my surprise finding her working as one of the adult cam sex girls! What are the chances? Of course I do realize there is also a big chance she isn’t the girl I am thinking about and I am just a typical white boy.

There is only one way to find out if adultcamchat.me SweetEana19 is indeed the girl from my past and that is ask her face to face on her cam! She has 83 pictures in her profile and I poured over all of them. She even has a recorded cam show you can watch. I have to know the truth. Wish me luck.

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Posted By admin on 10/29/12 - Bookmark Young Japanese Girls and Idols


I joined a JAV site once before I tried Sex Asian 18 and it left me completely unsatisfied. Why? Because it throttled my ability to download and only let me see a portion of the members area with more added each month I stayed a member. Needless to say I didn’t get to see the rest of the members area because I didn’t want a dog and pony show. I wanted hot Japanese idols!

Sex Asian 18 is unmetered. You can download all of the 6,000 DVD quality videos right from the get go. You can even watch them on your iDevices like the iPhone, iPad and video iPod.

Members get to tag their favorites so you can come back to where you left off without any hassle. They have every model out there including young Japanese girls like Miho Inamura.

No matter what your favorite niche is they have hundreds of videos to fill it. My favorites are Japanese schoolgirls and Cosplay, but there are dozens of other ones that might be more your cup of tea.

Take the Sex Asian 18 tour and start downloading!

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I just posted about a busty Japanese girl and here I am doing it again a day later. What is wrong with me? Why do I do this to myself? Is it because my mommy did hold me enough or my daddy beat me? No… Is it because I am a seriously demented fuck? Maybe… Is it because once you get the yellow fever you are hooked?


My only problem today is that I am on my cell phone. I don’t have my laptop and fuck me if these videos aren’t playing for me!

Don’t cry for me though. I found a Japanese mobile porn site with tons of free videos of the hottest Japanese video idols. Now I can watch some porn while I ride a wall seat on the train!

Do you need a fix too? Try this out. It will have you infected by the yellow fever in no time!

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Posted By admin on 10/24/12 - Bookmark Young Japanese Girls and Idols


If drinking the booby juice of a young Japanese girl could turn you Japanese sign me up!

Sex Asian 18 has a DVD quality collection of videos topping out at 6000+ strong. If you are not completely sure you have a fever for the flavor of an Asian I am sure you will be certain by the time you watch video #2383.

Rina Aizawa is just one of over 2000 hot AV Idols. I would love to say that her beauty is unmatched. Unfortunately I cannot as I am only about half way through all of the models. Hey, it’s only been two months and, yeah, I’ve been sidelined a little. Wouldn’t you be?

Of course you would and you should take me up on the challenge!

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