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Posted By admin on 06/20/13 - Bookmark Young Japanese Girls and Idols

Huge tits Asian MILF seduces an Asian teen girl

If there is one thing the Japanese seem to have perfected it is filming a steamy kissing scene between two Asian lesbians. In this video the big tits Asian MILF is seducing the smaller tits teen. After showing her how to swap spit it is time for her to learn the art of eating sushi. Which is, by the way, another thing the Japanese seem to be masters at filming.

I haven’t even gotten to the craziest part yet. You want to know how I found this video? I was in an elevator at work that had gotten stuck. While the lady next to me was surfing Facebook I was enjoying some sweet Asian porn from Redtube mobile.

With over a quarter million titles to choose from you won’t find yourself getting board surfing this site. Each video is able to be played on your iPhone, iPad, iPod and other smart phones as well.

One thing I forgot about was my hardon. While I held the phone so she couldn’t see it, my hardon gave away what I was looking at. Unfortunately she was a butter face or I might have put the moves on her.

Posted By admin on 06/20/13 - Bookmark Young Japanese Girls and Idols


I just love the way these girls show their small titties, especially when they are outdoor. This beautiful girl however is in her outdoor bathtub and she took down her bra so that the camera can take a couple of pictures of her small tits. It’s been a pleasure visiting this girl and her private asian porn album and I’m really hoping she’ll bring us some more. I’m guessing that if we rate and tell her what we think about her she’s going to do just that. Don’t tell me that you wouldn’t want to see more of this sexy chick and her small boobs.

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There is no denying that most girls are going to be at their cutest some time between puberty and exiting college. Even ugly girls look good when they are young. So it shouldn’t shock anybody that there are a subset of guys that flock to Asian girls with sexy bodies that look younger than they really are. Asian girls look cute into their forties!

One of my best friends from high school was Asian and his mom looked so young we all thought she was his older sister for months. Once she went swimming with us and we all couldn’t believe how hot her body was. When my buddy Jasper tried hitting on her our Asian friend was like, "Dude, that is my mom!" Holy shit! Put a fucking sign on her next time.

When it comes down to it guys are keeping it legal by hitting up young "looking" girls online. This is a good thing. You can find hundreds of hot Asian cam girls on CamTub.com. The site has girls from other places, but I am a dedicated Asian teen fan.

Chat up a girl right now and see how sweet an Asian petite can be!

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I don’t know about you guys but ever since I’ve been to bustyjournal.com and met this woman I just can’t take my mind off these girls with big titties. The smile on her face and the way she’s holding them really makes a guy like me go nuts. Who wouldn’t want to push their dick in between those fat tits and jizz all over them? This babe has a fire burning in her eyes and it’s very hard to be taken down. Ria Sakuragi and her boobs need someone to join them in bed to have some fun so that the fire can slowly be turned down, until next time.

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