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Posted By admin on 03/23/13 - Bookmark Young Japanese Girls and Idols


Why are the Japanese so obsessed with torturing Japanese girls while having sex? Why am I so obsessed with watching them torture these girls?

Ever since my time in Korea I have had a thing for Asian babes. I spent a lot of my vacation time in different countries sampling their girls. For some reason I kept going back to Tokyo for more. Japanese girls are bred to be submissive in bed. The perfect targets for some sexual torture!

When I got back to the states I ended up marrying a Korean girl that caught my eye. She isn’t as submissive as I’d like her to be, but then she makes more than I do as a doctor. How many doctors do you know that are super submissive, and would you want them working on you?

She lets me tie her up and work her over by stuffing a vibrator up her pussy and holding it in with her panties. When we go out she wears some remote control vibrating panties so I can torture her at in opportune times.

Once we went out with some of her colleagues and I turned her panties on while she was talking to her friend’s wife. She eventually had to excuse herself to the bathroom so she could orgasm.

Asian porn is synonymous with the term "hot sex". They know how to bring the women to orgasm in ways most people could never dream up. Watch the video and you will understand where I am coming from.

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Posted By admin on 03/09/13 - Bookmark Young Japanese Girls and Idols


Whenever I see a cute Japanese girl I always wonder what she looks like when she is bating at night before she goes to bed. What is her technique to reach orgasm? Does she play with her nipples or strictly go for her pussy? Does she use toys? Household objects?

I found this webcam movie of a young Japanese girl masturbating before going to bed. Has she felt a hard cock inside her tight Asian pussy or is she going to use a candle to see what one feels like?

You can watch thousands of free webcam movies on FapLot.com. The site is updated regularly. Videos range in quality and length, but most are plenty good in both regards. Many are over 20 to 30 minutes long!

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